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If you or your guests need extra length then look no further than the California King Size Best Guest Air Bed. At 7 feet, you can accommodate even the tallest guests. As with all Fox Airbeds, the California King comes with a high output pump and tethered remote. Inflation is quick and easy and is accomplished in less than two minutes. Use the remote to adjust the firmness level to your desired comfort for a sublime sleep. The 20 inch height is ideal for getting on and off the air mattress with ease. It also makes it easier to add bedding to help personalize your mattress and sleep better at night.

The California King boasts heavy-duty construction that promotes the air mattress’ stability and ultimately its comfort. Of course this also means your air mattress is as durable as it is comfortable. Rest easy knowing your mattress beats all the competition in its ability to resist punctures. After a restful sleep, you can take down the mattress quickly by unscrewing the deflation valve. Once folded, put the air mattress away in its travel bag. Invest your money wisely in this quality air mattress and maintain peace of mind with the 90 day warranty.

Cal King & High Rise vs. the competition

Not only is Fox Airbeds one of the few air mattress lines that offers a king size, but we actually have two options when it comes to the king size. Both are quality air mattresses with different strengths.

The main difference between these two beds comes down to the size and where you need extra room. For guests who are taller, the California King Size Best Guest is the ultimate option. It's 84 inches in length, which converts to a full 7 feet. This extra room can accommodate even your tallest friend.

The King Size Plush High Rise however, has more width. At 76 inches wide (approximately 6 foot 4), you’ll have ample room for two people sharing the King Size Plush High Rise. It’s also 5 inches taller than the California King Best Guest.

video comparing the differences between the Fox California King Best Guest air bed and the Plush High Rise King
the Fox California King Best Guest air mattress
because Length Matters measures 7 feet in length

The Fox Best Guest Airbed is custom crafted for length. Unlike a standard king bed, a california king is 4 inches longer to provide that much needed leg room for taller guests. It does come with a sacrifice in width however. Those same 4 inches are taken from the width of a regular king, making the surface dimensions 72 inches wide x 84 inches long.

We know how hard it can be to find a comfortable and cost-effective sleeping solution for tall guests, and so we created the first and only california king airbed. It has all the durability and comfort of a standard sized air mattress with the added benefit of being 7 feet long.

just how Durable?

Since our beds have thicker vinyl (25 gauge on the bottom, and 30 gauge on the top), we wondered what it will take to puncture a Fox Airbed. Since most punctures occur on the bottom of an air mattress, sledding seemed to be the ideal test.

We decided to test the durability of our Fox Airbeds out on the St. Anthony’s sand dunes. Every winter these sand dunes attract a large number of people because of the size of their slopes. At 350 ft, we decided it would be the perfect hill to sled. Not only did the beds hold up to the extreme conditions, they left us with the task of finding a greater challenge to see how far we can push their durability.

Just keep in mind, while we may test our own beds out in the wilderness, you will void your warranty if you take your air mattress sledding.

video of the fox air mattresses being put to the test by sledding down a 350 foot sand dune
the Fox California King Best Guest built in pump and remote
built in pump & Remote

One of the major focuses of the Fox Airbed line was building a powerful pump. This high output pump is engineered to inflate as quickly as possible. You can easily inflate a Fox Airbed in less than three minutes. You can be the perfect host and set your guest up with a great night’s sleep in no time.

Along with the built-in pump, a Fox Airbed has a tethered remote. You and your guests can personalize the firmness level using the "inflate" or "deflate" buttons on the remote. You don't even have to leave the air mattress to adjust it. The air bed also has a pocket to store the remote while it's inflated. Keep inflation simple with Fox Airbed's powerful built-in pump and remote.